$100 NC DWI Assessment                 $  75 Substance Abuse Assessment                 

 $ 8 NC Driving Record

$  50 Out of State DWI Paperwork  

$  65 DMV Evaluation                              $200 DOT Evaluation                                                                                                 

$40 Per Group Session                             $40 Individual Session

$150 Drug Education Class

$   15 Intstant Drug Testing               

$  50 Drug Test with Lab Fee 

$  50 Drug Test with Lab Fee and 2-day shipping


Things to Remember When Coming For an Assessment:

1. Be prepared to stay approximately 1 hours for the entire assessment process.

2. Bring all required paperwork.  Clients who need a DWI assessment, either pre-trial or post-trial, will need to provide a breathalyzer reading and a copy of their citation/ticket.  Post-trial clients also need to provide a judgment paper.  All of the above items can be obtained from the appropriate County Courthouse.

3. Call to let us know if you are unable to keep your appointment.

4. Bring assessment fees payable by either check or cash, debit cards are not accepted.

5.  DOT evaluations are payable at the time of the scheduled appointment by cash only.